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  To  assure  the  company's  products  and  service  meeting  customer  demands and expectation, various business departments of the company entrust professional institutions in carrying out semiannual survey of customer satisfaction, with results being passed to regular quality and business meetings for review and improvement.
● Extent of customer satisfaction for motor

  In comparison with 2013 and 2012, the shares of “very satisfied” and “satisfied”both dipped, due to the dissatisfaction of customers about “delivery.” 
TECO is very concerned about the slip in customer satisfaction, as the president has set up a panel for improving delivery, presiding over monthly special meeting on delivery improvement, which analyzes factors affecting delivery of various product lines, formulating measures for shortening delivery, from the trio aspects of process, design, and materials. The company complies with the principle of PDCA (plan-do-check-action), tracking execution of related improvement measures every month and making review and revision according, a practice which results in a positive cycle of higher delivery rate. 
Related improvement measures include:
(1) Establishing “supervision and warning system,” including arrangement plan for production, collection of key process progress, on-site visible management, process management, procurement management, and delivery management, so as to have comprehensive  grip  of  the  status  of  various  junctures  in  the  process  and  make adjustment and change constantly, preventing appearance of bottleneck.
(2) Increasing testing equipment, which, plus some overtime, cuts waiting for testing.
(3) Setting up stock for key parts, to cut preparation time for input of materials. 
(4) Soliciting new contractors, to diversify processing bottlenecks for parts.
Market survey shows that good quality and service is the major factor for customers to purchase TECO motors, with the willingness for repeat purchase for TECO products among customers reaching 98%.

●  Extent of customer satisfaction for servicesfor home appliances and air conditioners

  For  survey  of  customer  satisfaction for  service  for  home  appliances  and  air conditioners  is  carried  out  by  making spot  interviews  of  service  customers proportionately  every  month.  Customer satisfaction dropped to 91.39% in 2013, mainly due to the adoption of a more rigorous survey method, changing the basis for spot sampling from all products to specific products, to more accurately  pinpoint  problems.  The  survey shows that major customers are dissatisfied with the service efficiency during busy season.

TECO has adopted the following improvement measures according: 
1. Sufficing service staffers and soliciting franchisees, on top of providing services on Saturdays. 
2. Conducting education and training for service staffers in the aspects of products, technology, attitude, and feedback during off-season, to enhance the efficiency and quality of services.
3. Incorporating the function of self diagnosis into product design, in order to facilitate repair and maintenance and enhance the trust of customers.
4. For special cases, factories organize teams of experts to support services during busy season and technological units analyze product problems as references for designing products better suited to customer needs.
In line with its high regard for customer satisfaction, TECO, in addition to statistics resulting from survey, probes customer complaints and illicit problems via telephone interviews and visits to dealers and customers, to find out real causes for problems and assure actual customer satisfaction.



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