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  Adhering to the theme of “TECO GO ECO, energy conserving TECO, andgreen technology” TECO has dedicated to the development of energy-conserving and high-performance products. The global shipment of TECO's high-performance motors IE2, IE3, and IE4 in 2013, for instance, could lead to power saving of 530 million kWh a year, compared with power consumption of IE1. The application of TECO's self-developed 510 series  inverter  drives in motors (for cooling-water tower, commercial inverter  air conditioners, and machine tools, among others) can cut power consumption by 35% or more.
  For home appliances, with the domestic market being their main outlet, shipment of first- and second-grade household air conditioners helped customers save 8.054 million kWh  in total in 2013. In addition, backed by its cutting-edge integrated machinery and electricity technology, TECO has developed innovative green products, such as high power-factor electric car motors, wind-turbine inverters, and 2MW and higher wind turbines, testifying to TECO's core technologies and capability for continuous innovation.
  In  line  with  the  company's  high  regard  for  quality,  all  product development must conform to a set of complete quality management system and rigorous flow for development verification, in order to touch customers with good quality and technical services, in jointly achieving energy conservation and carbon abatement, for maximum contribution to the sustainability of the earth.


● Pushing certification of quality management system andaccreditation  of  laboratory,  to assure compliance of products with customer needs

  All TECO factories have passed ISO9001 certification for  manufacturing  quality  management  system,  with tools  of  the  Chungli  and  Hukou  factory  even  having passed TS16949 certification for auto-industry quality management  system,  assuring  effective  execution  of quality management system, on top f of regular internal and external auditing.

  In  addition,  to  assure  its  lead  in  technological development  and  product  functions,  TECO  has  also actively  obtained  accreditation  for  its  laboratories, including  the  motor  testing  laboratory  at  the  premise of  Chungli  factory,  which  has  passed  not  only  the accreditation of the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), but also, as the first one in Asia, (DoE) NVLAP. The accreditation of TECO laboratory proves the possession of qualified testing equipment and technology of TECO, facilitating product development and technological enhancement.

●Product certification

  TECO embraces certification registration for its products on the domestic market,  following  the  certification  registration  measures  of  the  Bureau  of Standards,  Metrology  &  Inspection  for  all products  sold  domestically.  For overseas markets, the company applies for logos according to certification standards of various countries before sales, to assure the benefits of users. Take certifications for high-efficiency IE1-IE4 motor series as example:

●Product safety, labeling, and sales

  To uphold  the  interests  of consumers,  TECO  has formulated the management procedure for banned and restricted objects, preventing user of hazardous objects at roots. Design and manufacturing are carried out according to various related standards and “simulated vicious test” for product safety is conducted during the development and testing stage. In addition, according to Product Labeling Act, the company makes correct labeling on product packaging, usage illustration manual, and sales information, helping consumers make correct product purchase and safe usage, in addition to undertaking marketing in compliance with the Fair Trade Law and other legal regulations.

  TECO  doesn,t  have  record  of  legal  violation  in  products,  service  information, advertisement,  and  promotion.  A  misstep  was  recall  in  2007  of  some  models  of dehumidifiers produced during 2003-2006, with model No. and manufacturing number listed below, due to concern over possible fire, as result of small capacitor in electronic substrate. As some channels still cannot obtain information on some customers, the recall is still underway, mainly via the company's website at http://www.teco.com.tw and the website of the company's affiliate Appliance Service Provider at http://www.a-ok-service.com.tw.

  To rectify the problem, the company has equipped the small capacity with a protective device and will incorporate fire-proof feature into the design for related plastic products. The company will continue providing quality safe products to customers in a responsible manner. 


TECO's statement for recall of old models of dehumidifiers produced in 2003-2005

   For  assurance  of  consumers,  interests  and  safety, consumers  with  TECO dehumidifiers  of  following  models  and  manufacturing  numbers  please  contact  via dedicated customer service line 0800-281-200. We will dispatch technicians to replace components or you can directly send the machines to the outlets of Home Appliance Provider, our contracted firm, for free check and replacement of components. The repaired substrate is entitled to one extra year for the warranty period.



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