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which creates amazing momentum for traditional culture/art, education, and sustainability of tribal groups
Having motivated Taiwan's industrial development with its motors for half a century, TECO has put its weight behind the nation's sci-tech R&D and innovation with the setup of the foundation 20 years ago, pushing the formation of a humanistic society in the sci-tech era and creativity education for strengthened competitiveness, on top of "Exclamation" educational plan, which aims to help aboriginal tribes achieve sustainable development. "The Exclamation" plan rallies NPO (nonprofit organizations), enterprises, and individuals in forming a strategic alliance, sets up a supportive platform balancing supply and demand, and soliciting sponsors to fund, oversee, and assist tribal development, on the root of "culture," the pillar of "education," the foundation of "human," and mainstay of "tribes," forming a custom educational program meant to help with cultivation and development of aboriginal youth's inherent talent, the inheritance and regeneration of tribal culture and art, the growth of knowledge and craftsmanship, and enhancement of competitiveness. Up to 2013, the program had offered long-term support and service to 15,000 children from 10 tribes, in addition to supporting 40 teams in the fields of folk song, dance, craftsmanship, talent, and physical strength, creating amazing momentum for traditional culture/art, educational achievement, and tribal sustainability, reasons for selection of "Exclamation" as its title.
For rich contents of  “Exclamation,” please refer tohttp://www.tecofound.org.tw/aboriginal/main.html
Developing educational plan by integrating resources, technology and professional teachers

  The “Exclamation” program materializes the vision of “helping tribes without a written system for their languages can achieve sustained prosperous development,” via the strategy of integrated resources, inheritance of skills, and professional teachers, funding 40 teams of tribal schools and supporting tribal sustainable education plan by rallying the forces of 27 NPO/NGO units, 30 enterprises, five private social groups, 19 urban schools, over 100 individuals, and three government sectors. The tribal sustainable education plan contains the following items:

1.Supporting traditional folk-song team in developing traditional folk-song education 
2.Supporting traditional dancing team in developing traditional dance education 
3.Supporting traditional crafts team in developing traditional crafts education 
4.Supporting physical competition team in developing physical training 
5.Supporting craft learning team in developing potential cultivation education 
6.Organizing performances exhibiting result of inheritance learning
7.Holding courses for teachers of inheritance learning 
8.Organizing visiting activities for understanding science, humanism, and art. 
Exhibition of results in fulfillment of commitment

Quest of the original mood via drumming, praying, and singing 
Responding to the call of ancestors in
distant, profound, and solemn voice
At the unique night, children participating
the “Exclamation” program exhibited their tribal spirit
under the intimate companion of the soul of
their ancestors and instrumental 
music, revoking lost images of tribes, including Rukai, Payuan, Cou, Amis, and Saisiat.
“Exclamation” result sparks a litany of exclamations

Creating  a  public  educational  platform  with“culture”as  root,“human”as basis,“tribe”as mainstay, and “education”as pillar.

Developing over 13 custom educational programs for tribal schools and creating learning resources for 15,000 tribal youth, including education on inheritance learning, science, and humanism and art.

Developing a pool of 214 traditional folk songs, 56 traditional dances, two traditional crafts, four performing skills, and two physical exercises. 

Creating plural modes of exchanges among schools, tribes, and ethnic groups and inducing inheritance learning programs of peripheral schools, with the number of sponsored inheritance-learning teams reaching 40 in 2014 which will rise to 42 in 2015.

●Leaving a complete record of traditional tribal culture and art.

International profile of “Exclamation” inheritance learning program

1.The “Exclamation” inheritance learning program for aboriginal tribes in Taiwan has entered  the  international stage  by accepting  foreign  invitation for arranging performances in such countries as France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Brazil.

2.The Chuang Kuohsing aboriginal dancing experimental troupe will perform at the Nova Petropolis international folk art festival in Brazil.

3.The “Exclamation” program for sustainable education  of  aboriginal tribes became a charity program of the headquarters of BNP Paribas in 2013.

4.Gabriel Mattei, a young French conductor, came to Taiwan in May for conducting the instrumental music orchestra in the performance of the “Night of Aboriginal Children”  event,  facilitating  exchange between Taiwanese aboriginal music and the world.


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