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Supporting humanistic Taiwan with sci-tech
Granting TECO award for 21st year
To  encourage  domestic  scientists  and  engineering researchers engaging in sci-tech researches for application in industrial  development  and  humanistic  scholars  and  experts to  integrate  sci-tech,  exercise  creativity,  and  benefit  social development, the TECO Technology Foundation set up “TECO Award” upon its establishment, which has granted NT$50.2 million to 103 recipients in 20 editions, highlighting the social-development spirit of “co-prosperity of sci-tech and humanism. Sophisticated artistic and cultural performances were staged during the award-granting ceremonies to manifest the theme of enriching humanistic and artistic life.
The 2013 award covers a number of fields, as listed in the following table, including energy conservation for enterprises, which is associated with “TECO GO ECO,” the company's concept on corporate social responsibility. 
The  award  recipient  not  only serves as a paradigm for learning by TECO staffers but also contributes to the environmental protection and the development of energy-conserving technology of industry. The award is the only one in the nation giving equal emphasis on sci-tech and humanism, promoting the establishment of a progressive society featuring “co-prosperity of sci-tech and humanism.”
The award for the humanistic category is instituted annually by the board of directors from the aspects of art, culture, environment, national-soil preservation, and social service, according to the pulse and status of the society. The award for the humanistic category targets music in 2014, granting it to group or individual with concrete contribution to the development of Taiwanese music by integrating tradition and creation, including the promotion and education of native and aboriginal music. 
The specifications of TECO award, please refer to
Holding TECO “Green Tech” international competition or the sixth straight year
Since the “TECO award” is positioned as an award for lifetime achievement, all the recipients are veteran researchers and experts. To encourage young people engaging in sci-tech research for energy conservation and carbon abatement and development of environment-friendly energy, material, and high-efficiency application technologies, the company organizes “Green Tech” competition, which has attracted completion of 603 teams consisting of over 3,200 students since 2006. The sixth edition of the competition witnessed participation of 498 persons in 95 teams, in the two categories of “main competition” and “international competition,” with the former accommodating Taiwanese college teachers and students and the latter attracting teachers and students from 14 topnotch colleges in Japan, Russia, Singapore, and China, contributing to the setup of the international green-tech image of the ROC.
The award has multiple functions, including, for enterprise, arousing environment-protection awareness among staffers and helping staffers grasp cutting-edge creative concept and technological development, on top of facilitating engagement of industry and academia in international exchanges and setting a paradigm for energy conservation/carbon abatement and environmental preservation. In addition, it can induce social  public to have high  regard  for environment-protection  issues and activities by highlighting the urgency and importance of related issues. Lastly, it can encourage young  to people to engage in the research and development of green tech and contribute to the development of green energy.
Green sci-tech competition opens international perspective:
Setting sight on the world, on top of deep rooting in Taiwan,the foundation started to invite excellent foreign college teams for participation in the “Green Tech” competition in 2010, facilitating exchanges between Taiwanese and international students and augmenting Taiwan's influence in the international green-energy sci-tech field, on top of helping the ROC in Taiwan set up an international image for green sci-tech. At an expanded scale, the foundation will invite 20 teams from six countries, namely China, Japan, Singapore, India, Russia, and the U.S., to take part in the competition in 2014, which is expected to spark a craze on green-energy sci-tech.
For result of the 2013 edition of the competition please refer to:


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