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Pushing setup of a safe and health workplace

(1) Setting up a safety and health workplace
On the basis of OHSAS 18001 and CNS 15506, the company has establishment a management system for pushing safety- and health-related affairs, which has been certified. In order to cut occupational accidents, managers in charge carry out monthly safety field check and  the company conducts education and training on safety regularly, in addition to holding the event of environment and safety month,

spreading safety- and  health-related  information,  and  posting safety-related information at corporate website.

Factory management and labor union jointly formulate guidelines for workplace safety, setting out safe working procedures for abidance by employees. The company also conducts hazard assessment, risk evaluation, and change management on production process, to assure compliance of equipment and production process with safety norms, in addition to formulating measures for handling emergencies and carrying out regular drills every year, to assure a safe and sanitary workplace for employees.
The company's series of efforts haveconsiderably  boosted  employee's  safety awareness, as evidenced by marked decline in the company's rate of occupational accidents resulting disabilities in 2013, when one worker died of electric shock at work, due to broken cover of electrical cable.

 To prevent recurrence of such accident, the company banned the use of common insulated tape in wrapping broken part of electric cable, as the tape would detach on heat. There was another occupational accident resulting in disability in 2013, with the rate of disabling injury and severity of accident with disabling injury being shown in the following chart.
As analysis shows that failure to abide the operational norms has been mail culprit for occupational accidents in recent years, TECO has intensified safety training and invited experts to conduct safety inspection at factories, in addition to listing safety as a major item in performance evaluation for factory foremen and directors. Meanwhile, TECO has set up Occupational health and safety committee, headed by the president and attended by union representatives and business-department directors and factory managers, with the mission of reviewing the result of continuous safety improvement, in order to achieve the goal of zero occupational accident.


In cooperation with Vanguard Security, the company now has 16 security guards, all with complete security-guard training, such as awareness of human rights, politeness for reception, and security knowledge. 
(2) Health promotion

Healthy, mentally and physically, staff is conducive to high-efficiency and high-quality, work performance. To take good care of employees’ health, TECO has set up medical unit staffed with professional nurses, offering outpatient-treatment service by contracted physicians regularly every week. Smoking is banned at factories, especially at designated outdoors smoking areas.

TECO has been actively pushing various health-promotion events, such as education and training on labor safety and sanitation, annual physical checkup, pap smear test, smoke-free workplace, betel nut-free workplace, weight-reduction program, yoga course, gymnastic exercises, spiritual-growth course, pressure-relief course, lectures on health issue, blood donation, hiking, ball games, and fun tournament, in addition to providing information on health regularly and holding training courses on occupational health and safety.
Except helping employees conduct all-round health  management  and  health  promotion, the company has also extended its care to employees’ families, irregularly providing them  information  on  health  management. In addition, the conducts annual physical checkup on staffere whose works contain special  health  hazards  (such as powder, noise, and radiation). Medical staffers at factories  would  track the results of such activities, for instant improvement of defects. Environmental-protection  and  safety  units would check compliance of various working units with related laws/regulations and norms on safe operations, such as wearing various protective gears. The outstanding performance in pushing healthy workplaces has won the company various awards, such as the “award for happy and healthy staff” granted to the Hukou factory, as well as the obtaining of “health promotion certification” listed below:


Photo: Employee physical checkup and test for physical fitness
(3) Establishing a green working environment
  Based on the vision of “energy-conserving TECO and green technology,” TECO in recent years has spared no effort in developing energy-saving and environment-friendly products but also creating a green workplace, to materialize the corporation concept of “TECO GO ECO,” via the following concrete measures: 


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