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  TECO offers employees compensations somewhat above the median level in the market. There is no sex discrimination in determining starting pays for newcomers. The  company  embraces  merits-based  compensation system, including pay raise and the provision of variable bonuses and dividend sharing, on top of a complete system for job classification and ranking, which is applied impartially to  both  male  and  female  employees.  The  company conducts performance evaluation twice a year, as a basis for pay adjustment and job assistance. Compensations for  managerial  staffers  vary  quarterly,  in  line  with  the company's business performance. Various incentives are granted, as reward to staffers, hard work and fulfillment of responsibilities.
(1) Competitive compensation system: The company has  formulated  “measures  for  compensation management,” as the basis for pay setting and adjustment for employees. It also actively tracks the general payment level on the market and regularly reviews the company's compensation  policy,  to facilitate and retain talent. Subsidies are available for jobs with rigorous working environment and overtime works on holidays are entitled to pays higher than 1.5  times  regular  pays  as  stipulated  in  the  Labor Standards Law. The company also provides various bonuses to stimulate employee morale, in the aspects of business, R&D, patent, proposal, and passage of technical certification. Compensation system is tailored to the retention of talent and employees can share the company's business fruit in the form of year-end bonus and dividend sharing.

(2) Annual  performance-based  pay  adjustment:  When considering pay raise, the company takes into account general market level, living-cost index, and company's finance. Pay hike, if approved, takes effect on Jan. 1, every year and staffers, pay-hike scale varies according 
to individual performance. New comers with less than one year of service time would receive discounted pay raise proportionately. 

(3) Promotion and pay raise: Staffer receiving promotion according  to  the  company's  “measures for job promotion” would get corresponding pay raise, on the basis of the “measures for compensation management.” Statistics for pay differential, based on average pays for male and female staffers with different job ranking and nature, follow:


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