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  TECO actively established channels for communications with employees, including quarterly events for employees at headquarters and morning meetings at factories, enabling senior managers to explain in front of employees the company's current business achievement and challenges, in addition to complimenting staffers for outstanding performance. The company has also put in place a proposal system, wherein employees can put forth opinions for improvement for implementation by units in charge, should they be found to be feasible. The system allows employees to take part in the company's management, enhancing their corporate identification.In addition, for higher working efficiency, better labor conditions, and closer labor management coordination, TECO set up labor union in July 1974 and in order to uphold labor-management rights and achieve a harmonious labor-management relationship, TECO and labor-union representatives signed a collective agreement on Dec. 28, 1981, in accordance with the stipulations of the Labor Union Act and Collective Agreement Act. The labor union holds an annual plenary meeting, wherein members elect representatives before the latter elect 11 directors and four supervisors of the union. The union leaders would meet every month for discussing various employee-related issues, often with managerial representatives attending the meetings to answer related questions. There are labor-union offices at various factory premises, where employees can communicate with union officials at regular time. The company also holds semiannual conferences for communications between the president and union leaders. The company holds election of exemplary laborers, at a rate of one for every 100 employees, and gives them proper rewards. In 2013, there were 25 exemplary laborers. The company strictly abides by the Labor Standards Law in its operation and would give employees notice seven days in advance for every major change in operation. 

Share of labor representatives
Factory labor-management meeting One half
Safety and health committee One third
TECO's effort in forging a good labor-management relationship has been acknowledged with various awards, including “national award for enterprises with good labor-management relationship” and “award for exemplary labor-management meeting” granted by the Council for Labor Affairs (predecessor of the Ministry of Labor)  and “award for enterprise with good labor-management relationship” granted by Taoyuan county government in 1999. It ranked 11th place on the list of large enterprises as good corporate citizen, compiled by Chinese-language Commonwealth magazine in 2013. 

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