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  The wind-turbine business department, set up in 2010, was the latest addition to TECO's highly diversified operation spanning heavy machinery, electric control, home appliances, wind power, electronics, and infrastructural engineering, which poses major challenge to the company in human-resources management, as the company strives to cultivate talent needed by its global deployment. TECO's existing structure and personnel structures follows (data based on Dec. 31, 2013):

1.The company has six business departments and one general research institute, with 2,653 employees on its payroll. 
2.The company boasts remarkable personnel structure, with 63% of its staffers owning college or higher degree, offering critical support to its continuous and stable 
3.Employees age 38.8 on average, with 12.8 average service years. A focal point of the company's personnel development is passing of experience and knowledge and 
cultivation and retention of key talent. 
4.TECO's personnel appointment method:

  In addition to job websites, the company also recruits staffers  via  various  other  channels,  including  on-campus  recruitment,  employment  exposition, cooperation with schools, R&D work as a substitute for compulsory military service, Workforce Development Agency (under the Ministry of Labor), Taiwan External 
Trade Development Council, and social media. In addition, since 2010 the company has recruited 10-12 college students for summer internship program, for cultivation of potential talent.


Systematic recruitment:
The company employs Notes system in personnel recruitment, covering various  procedures  in  the  process,  such  as application for recruitment and appointment, greatly boosting  quality  and  efficiency  for  personnel recruitment and appointment. In full compliance with Labor Standards Law, the company abstains from employing laborers aged under 15 and offers complete cultivation course and care for interns aged under 16. The company employs mainly natives, with foreign staffers only numbering 11, and there are now 32 handicapped persons  and  21  aborigines  on  the  company's payroll, higher than the government's requirement, in line with its policy of offering suitable job openings to the underprivileged group.  



Composition of TECO staff:
33.4% of TECO staffers have 20 or longer service years. The highly experienced workforce is the company's major assets, facilitating passage of expertise and experience. 




  In 2013, 214 staffers left the company, with the turnover rate reaching 7.5%, lower than the industry average of 10.9%, according to the survey of Towers Watson. The low turnover rate testifies to the stability of TECO staff, facilitating its long-term development.    In 2013, 29 staffers took maternity leave and 27 of them, or 93.1%, resumed work after the leave. Fourteen staffers, including 10 females and four males, took one-year parental leave and five failed to resume job afterwards, with the remaining nine still on the leave.    61.1% of the company's staffers have household registrations at places similar to their worksites, testifying to the company's policy of giving local people priority consideration in employment.


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