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  Talent is TECO's most important assets, as well as the foundation for sustainable development. TECO aspires to achieve continuous development on the groundwork of the vision“ Energy-conserving TECO, green technology” and four value concepts“ Ambition, Customer focus, Teamwork, Integrity, and Innovation” In the aspect of human resources, the  company  focuses  on  cultivating  the  talent  for  globalization,  in  order  to  assure sustainable development and become the best employer brand. In recent years, the company has been actively instilling five core value concepts among employees, in order to inspire their potential and boost their identification with the company. Consequently, the company has endeavored to put in place a system for the recruitment, cultivation, appointment, and retention of talent, which is critical for the company to cope with the challenge from the competitive environment and catch up with industrial development. In 2013, the company focused its effort on intensifying talent development, establishing an integrated talent system, creating an environment for talented staffers to fulfill their 


1. Human-resources management:
The  company  fully  complies with the stipulations of law and government decrees, adheres to  the  principles  of  fairness, impartiality, and integrity, and abstains from discrimination in employment, in terms of ethnics, class, language, thought, religion,  party,  birth  origin, birthplace, sex, sex orientation, age,  marriage,  appearance, features, handicapped disadvantage, and union membership, in addition to recruiting employees according to expertise and conditions needed by the vacancies and abstaining employment of laborers aged under 15.

2. Communication channel:
In order to uphold the interests of employees, the company intensifies the channel and frequency for labor-management communication, creates equal job opportunities and provides consultation and assistance for employees. In addition to quarterly meeting and union and labor/management meeting, the company holds cross-rank meetings irregularly, so that labor and management can communicate effectively and laborers can express their opinions via multiple channels, leading to a win-win outcome for labor and management.
3. Compensations and benefits:
The company regularly reviews its compensation policy and takes part in compensation survey, to facilitate recruitment and retention of talent. The “committee for employee fringe benefits” plans and executes various affairs related to employee fringe benefits. Regarding retirement, the company complies with 
stipulations of the Labor Standards Law, Statute for Labor Pension, and other related legislations. The “supervisory committee for labor-retirement fund reserves” meets quarterly to inspect the approval, appropriation, and payout of retirement-fund payment. As of Dec. 31, 2013, TECO had appropriated NT$1,655,001,000 in the account for employee retirement fund. For actuarial assumption, please refer to TECO's 2013 
individual financial report.

4.Career development:
The company embraces plural training methods to cultivate capabilities of staffers necessary for career develop in the twin lines of professional and management positions. It encourages all staffers to talk directly with direct superiors over their performances, modifying their career development plan. When staffers request to quit, superiors would talk with them to learn their motives or offer job transfer, so that they can have works most suited to them. The retirees club would invite retirees to give speech, on various topics such as wealth management, and can even assist retirees to work again. New managerial staffers would receive guidance from senior managerial staffers under a mentoring program and thereby fit into their position in a short time. In 2013, we stressed talent development, especially cultivation of key talents and encouragement of plural learning.


5. Occupational health and safety:

In order to staffers a good, comfortable and healthy workplace, the company continuously reviews and strengthens precautionary safety measures and joins hands with the union in enhancing occupational-safety awareness among staffers, creating a green working environment, and promoting staffers’ health, so that staffers can rest assured when working in the company.

6. Work-Life balance:

The company offers all-round welfare measures and care for staffers, joining hands with the “The Employee Welfare Committee” in maximizing employee benefits.

7. Promoting corporate vision and value concepts:

In order to have staffers identify with corporate concept, the company carried out a program during fourth quarter 2012 through 2013 aiming to instill corporate vision and value concept in the minds of staffers via cognitive and behavioral measures, including executive preaches, promotional literature, and competition and other events.

8. Integrated  personnel  system:

The  company  has  endeavored  to  make  global deployment and strengthen competitiveness of affiliates via following measures: 

(1)  Developing  the  group's  talent  cultivation  strategy: Establishing  transfer mechanism for human-resources system and payroll
  structure management system for overseas affiliates and strengthening mechanism for job reporting and complaint response.
(2)  Setting up a good system for dispatching staffers abroad, as well as retraining and information sharing for those staffers. 
(3)  Assisting overseas affiliates in training and development, including training of instructors and planning of courses on problem analysis
  and solution.
The  company  has  based  on  its  business  strategy  in  the  formulation  of  human-resources management strategy for various terms, which is revised or affirmed annually according  to  annual  business  plan  and performance. In the belief that employees are the major corporate assets, the company has endeavored to cultivate globalized talent and take good care of employees’ needs in daily life, so as to achieve the goal of forging an enterprise of well-being, thereby winning the 2013 Taipei Award for Best Companies to Work for.


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