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(1) greenhouse gases inventory


(2) Energy management
Energy statistics TECO's energy-related emission sources can be classified into the following five categories:
1. Explanations for scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 for greenhouse-gas inventory listed above
2.The greenhouse-gas inventory  covers only scope 1 and 2, as defined above, excluding scope 3, due to difficulty in grasping greenhouse-gas emission caused by activities in scope 3. 
Chungli factory, under the jurisdiction of heavy electric-machinery department and green electric-machinery department, mainly produces motors, both large and small ones, with main materials including metals (iron alloy, silicon steel plates, round iron, pig iron, and copper wires) and non-metals (such as lacquered wire), and others (wood, plastic bags, and paper boxes).
Hukou  factory, under the jurisdiction of electric-control department, mainly produces switchboards and variable-frequency drives, with main materials including machinery components/parts, electric wires, and insulated wires. 
Kuanyin II factory, under the jurisdiction of power department and wind-turbine department, mainly produces 161 KV and smaller SF6-insulated switching equipment and peripherals for renewable-energy equipment, with main materials including machinery components/parts, electric wires, and insulted wires.

Photo: Simple but effective packaging is used for motors for domestic sales
Chungli factory: small and large motors
Main materials 1.Metals (iron alloy, silicon steel plates,  round iron, pig iron, copper wire)
  2.Non-metals (iron alloy, silicon steel plants, round iron,  pig iron, copper wire)
  3.Others (wood, plastic bags, paper boxes) 
Hukou factory: switchboards and variable-frequency drives
Main materials 1.Machinery components/parts
  2.Electric wires
  3.Insulated wires
Kuanyin II factory: Insulated switching equipment & renewable-energy equipmemnt
Main materials 1.Machinery components/parts
  2.Electric wires
  3.Insulated wires
  Reusable rate for wooden cases and storage cages for packaging motors at Chungli factory has reached 50% and 100%, respectively, while Hukou and Kuanyin factory have also asked business partners to recycle paper boxes. We will also endeavor to boost the reusable rates for other materials.
Water-resources management
  The company relies on tap water for water supply, without using ground water. Water consumption of the three factories  dropped  19.63  metric  tons or 10.26% in 2013 from the 2011 level. Various factory premises have continued to embrace various water-conserving measures, such as water-saving devices and water-conserving toilets. Water-consumption density (1,000 metric tons/NT$1 million production value) in 2013 follows:

(1) Waste treatment

(2) Management of air pollutants
Environment-protection outlays

  TECO's environment-protection outlays, for such items as energy conseration/carbon  abatement, waste disposal, and anti-pollution equipment, during 2011-2013 are shown right: 


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