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Impact of the electric machinery industry on the environment
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Due to its high regard for the issues of climate change and protection of natural environment, TECO has embraced the vision of “TECO GO ECO,” in the hope of utilizing its core technology in developing high energy-performance products, electric-car motor abating air pollution, and wind turbine. In 2013, shipment of TECO's high-performance and energy-saving motors, including IE2, IE3, IE4, contributed to power saving of 530 million kWh and CO2-emission reduction of 282,000 metric tons ayear, in comparison with the conventional model IE1. Shipment of grade-1 and 2 air conditioners can lead to power saving of 8.054 million kWh and CO2-emission reduction of 4,285 metric tons. The company conducted for the second time greenhouse-gas inventory of its manufacturing process in 2013 and will inspect its energy-consuming equipment in 2014. It also sets specific target for reducing greenhouse-gas emission and strives to achieve it systematically, in addition to reducing the influence of products on the natural environment during their life, in order to achieve the dual goal of economic development and environmental sustainability.
In manufacturing process, TECO takes into account possible resources shortage or rising resources cost and change in the demand for product features caused by climate change, as well as the impact of the electric machinery industry on the environment, including:
(1) impact of mining iron, copper, and aluminum ores on the environment;
(2) influence of energy consumption and filling of refrigerant for air-conditioner manufacturing on the greenhouse-gas effect;
(3) Management of air pollution and waste resulting from production process
(4) influence of power consumption for products;
(5) disposal of waste products
In developing green products, the company takes into account related legal regulations and minimum environmental impact from the outset, employing highly environment-friendly substitute materials and technological innovation and embracing designs stressing high energy efficiency, compact and light-weight body, and high recyclable rate, reaching 90% and higher. In addition, the government is developing electric-car motor and wind turbine, as part of effort to contribute to environmental protection and minimize impact on environment.
In production management, TECO has formulated procedures managing banned or restricted materials, on the basis of RoHS, REACH, and domestic legal regulations on environmental protection and safety/sanitation, coupled with other measures, such as check of greenhouse gases, in order to push energy conservation, product recycling, and waste management.
Field study shows that over 90% of greenhouse-gas emission of TECO comes from power consumption. To dampen greenhouse-gas emission, TECO will conduct comprehensive check of major energy-consuming equipment in 2014 and formulate energy-conservation programs, as the basis for setting annual energy-conservation and carbon-abatement goals.

●Weight reduction and size shrinkage for large TECO motors
2P-1120kW motor has been downsized considerably, with weight decreasing by 37.7%, size by 24%, copper consumption by 15%, or 72kg, and steel consumption by 25%, or 587kg.


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