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With integrity being a core value in the company's corporate culture, TECO commits to conducting all business activities on the principle of integrity. In order to uphold the core value, the company has formulated guidelines for ethical behaviors of directors and managerial staffers prompting them to comply with the following norms:
Directors and managerial staffers should handle company affairs objectively and efficiently, in addition to avoiding conflict of interests on their own. 
Directors and managerial staffers should avoid obtaining personal benefits via the company's properties, information, or the convenience of their position. 
Directors and managerial staffers should uphold business confidentiality. 
Directors and managerial staffers should treat all clients, rivals, and employees fairly. 
Directors and managerial staffers should abide by all the laws, regulations, and company policies governing the company's activities, as well as the regulation on insider trading of the Securities and Exchange Act. 
The company has also formulated behavioral guidelines for employees, asking them to uphold the company's ethical value and reputation. In addition to direct report to direct superiors, human-resources chief, and auditing chief, breaches of the guidelines can be passed to the company via internal auditing mailbox or complaints, either anonymous or explicitly. Whatever the source, auditing staffers would start collecting evidenced and conducting in-depth investigation, to verify the accusations. Should the accusations be confirmed, penalties, according to seriousness of violations, would be inflicted and legal actions would be taken, should criminal acts are involved. In addition, related flow of operations and other regulations would be revised, if necessary, to prevent recurrence of the violations.
To assure abidance by staffers, the company repeatedly promotes the guidelines for ethnical behaviors at quarterly events on value concepts and via illustration by the chairman and president during the quarterly meeting of employees. The quarterly event on value concepts features series of competition and collection and publication of episodes on value concept. 
In addition to ethical norms, the company has also formulated related policies and measures for legal compliance in other aspects, such as anti-trust, environmental protection, internal control, insider trading, protection of intellectual properties, upholding of information confidentiality, protection of personal data, and keeping and destruction of documents and data. Meanwhile, via education and training and promotion of awareness of business-related laws and regulations, the company has endeavored to help employees obtain latest legal requirements and norms and enhance their knowledge and capability, thereby fulfilling the commitment of ethical behaviors. The company also offers related materials on legal abidance on its website and the legal office regularly mails e-bulletin, which contains latest information on legal abidance and trend. Additional promotional measures follow: 
The company holds training courses on specific policies to acquaint employees of various legal requirements and key points of abidance, including courses on anti-trust, insider trading, export-import control, management of contracts, protection of intellectual properties, and personal-data protection.
Legal-affairs staffers regularly attend outside courses to understand the latest development of legal revision, legal compliance, and other related information. 
The company invites outside legal experts and industrial experts to attend seminars for providing the latest legal requirements and information.
TECO didn't have any record of legal breach or fine in 2013.


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