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In the effort to set up a complete risk management system, TECO adheres to the existing management structure and internal control mechanism, thereby actively confronting and managing risks which may arise from the operation and assuring the company's sustained steady growth and good business performance, in order to achieve sustained development. TECO carries out risk management in different aspects via specific division of labor, including internal risk, financial risk investment risk, legal risk, and risk of environment, safety, and sanitation.  
Internal risk management
TECO's Board of Directors overseas a professional auditing panel, helping the Board of Directors and management check effectiveness in operation of the internal risk management system, identify and review disclosure of major risks, and improve risk management and control system. The auditing panel inspects the risk level of various business departments and cyclic risks, as the basis for formulating annual auditing plan, which would guide regular auditing and special auditing, if necessary, after submission to the Audit Committee and approval by the Board of Directors. In 2013, the auditing panel completed various auditing works and had various units improve defects uncovered by the auditing within deadline, thereby considerably contributing to the overall business, organizational operation, and establishment of system of the company and affiliates. 
Financial risk management
Financial risk managementVarious functional units carry out risk management in different aspects according to professional division of labor, so as to cut the company's operating risk. In order to effective control financial risk, the company has formulated procedural measures for related operations covering loaning, endorsement, and obtaining and disposal of assets. Meanwhile, the company has set up mission-oriented unsecured loan auditing committee, to assure safety of the company's accounts receivable and notes payable, as well as the propriety for quota of unsecured loans. In addition, the company regularly evaluates status of market fund and banking interest rates, in addition embracing risk-hedging measures against fluctuation of exchange rate, so as to minimize the effect of interest rate and exchange rate on the company. The financial unit reports quarterly effect of interest- and exchange rate change on the company's operation, as well as investments in derivatives, to the Board of Directors. 
Investment-risk management
Another mission-oriented committee is investment and disposal commission, consisting of 8-9 outside members (scholars, experts, and directors) and internal members (representatives of various business groups and investment chief), responsible for decision of investment strategy and assets allocation, formulation of standard operating procedure for investment evaluation, screening new investment projects, tracking investment performance, and overseeing execution of assets disposal plan, so as to strategically cut or avoid investment risk and assure the sustainable development of the company.
Legal-risk management
The Board of Directors overseas the legal office, in charge of screening various contracts of the company and affiliates and provide legal consultation, to avoid breach of law and dealings with parties with dubious track record, in addition to helping business units handle patents, trademarks, and other intellectual properties. The legal office regularly posts new or revised law/regulations, conducts legal education/training, and revises company regulations, including guidelines for handling legal cases, measures for patent management, and measures for trademark management, as well as management measures for safety and keeping of personal data, which are executed by panel for protection and management of personal data. In addition, in 2013 the legal office formulated guidelines on abidance of anti-trust law, so as to avoid breach of the law in the company's business activities.
Management of risks related to environment, safety, and sanitation
Adhering to the concept of “pollution-free environment and accident-free work,” the company has dedicated to upholding physical and mental health of staffers, creating a friendly environment, fulfilling social responsibilities, and pushing sustainable development. In view of the involvement of professional knowledge, the company has set up a dedicated unit for environment, safety, and sanitation and established the company's management system, and related measures and norms for environment, safety, and sanitation, on the basis of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and CNS 15506 (Taiwan's vocational safety and sanitation management system, assuring legal compliance via systematic operation and avoiding risk of legal breach. In addition, the company has formulated “measures for handling accidents” and “contingency measure for emergencies,” as well as conduct drills on the measures annually. 


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