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  For materialization of green production, manufacturers have to comply with the requirement of related environmental laws/regulations in product development, design, and manufacturing, in addition to incorporating suppliers into green supply chain by formulating a strict procedure for the evaluation and review of suppliers. After ascertainment of qualified suppliers, the company still has to carry out regular evaluation and graded management and assistance, on top of giving incentives, such as preferential payment terms, for good performance. 

  Initially, management for suppliers should focus on quality, products, and delivery before shifting to the setup of green supply chain by taking into account the health of environment and sustainable development of society, leading to the coexistence and co-prosperity of company, supply chain, society, and environment. Meanwhile, under suitable conditions, priority should be given to local suppliers, to facilitate communal harmony, punctual delivery, short transportation distance, and energy conservation/carbon abatement.
  In screening and evaluating new suppliers, take into account green factors, such as certifications of ISO quality management system (ISO9001, ISO/TS 16949), ISO environment management system (ISO 14001), and vocational safety/sanitation management system (OHSAS 18000, TOSHMS), as well as human rights. 

  In 2014, the company will incorporate social and environmental indices into its evaluation and regular review of suppliers, in order to arouse the awareness of social responsibility among suppliers.

  Issuance of report on corporate social responsibility is a major reference for TECO is evaluating performance of suppliers in environmental protection and human rights. A demonstration of the TECO's local procurement principle, for the sake of lessening the impact of transportation on the environment, is that only one of the company's five major suppliers is a foreign firm, namely Marubeni-Itochu, with the other four all being domestic firms, China Steel, Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable, Tai-I Electric Wire & Cable, and Pacific Electric Wire & Cable. Our five major suppliers all have very good track record in environmental protection, such as China Steel, which won the corporate sustainability award granted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in 2013, on top of other environment-related awards.

   TECO will continue to pay much attention to and strengthen the management of green supply chain, in a concerted effort with suppliers making maximum contribution to the sustainability of the society and environment.

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