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In the face of the global current of industrial automation, energy depletion and soaring energy prices, and the rollout of strict regulation on energy efficiency in the U.S. and Europe, such as ErP Directive, enterprises have become increasing aware of the importance of energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction. TECO's precision drive stays at the front of energy-conservation application, helping customers enhance efficiency, energy conservation, and precision of system control. TECO's 510 series inverter drives include entry-level and high-end models, in various specifications and the amount of horsepower, boasting high performance/price ratio.
TECO's inverter drive boasts optimal design for lessening burden on the environment, employing RoHS-and REACH-compliant materials, which are universally applied in machines at factories or equipment at buildings, since they can avoid human hazard and second environmental pollution. The company, for instance, dedicated inverter drives at part of the total solution for HVAC at buildings, as shown in the diagram. For common buildings which need power supply for motors, water chillers, and air-conditioning boxes, complete solution is provided via installation of dedicated inverters, capable of achieving 35% power saving by reducing operating speed at off hours. A510 series inverter drive, an advanced model, is the company's first inverter drive employing the driving technology for permanent-magnet, boasting better performance in energy conservation, compact size/light weight, and precision control than induction motor, mainly for application in specific industries. The model has become a mainstream product for automated production of various industries.
Data of Taipower and the Bureau of Energy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, show:
a. Average power consumption in Taiwan tops 200 billion kWh a year.
b. The first, second, and third power plants of Taipower now in operation generate 40 billion kWh of power a year.
c. One kWh of power generation results in emission of 0.532 kilos of CO2 .
d. Daan Forest Park in Taipei absorbs 389 metric tons of CO2 a year.
*Achieving 17.5 billion kilowatts/hour of power saving, according to the following calculation method:
Annual power consumption in Taiwan tops 200 billion kWh 200 B. x 0.5 (annual power consumption for motors in Taiwan) x 0.5 (share of motors suited to the installation of inverter drives) x 0.35 (energy-saving effect of the installation of inverter drives)=17.5 billion kWh .
TECO is among the original members of the “Smart Appliance Alliance (SAA),” has embraced the communications protocol, and has pioneered the rollout of integrated remote control program, initially for high energy-consuming air conditioners, achieving remarkable energy conservation, with main effects including:

(1)Control for temperature setting—Centralized control can avoid setting temperature at too low a level, which causes wastage.

(2)Control for operating schedule—Execution of regional control or alternating operation can avoid wastage.
(3)Power-consumption statistics and management 


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