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Letter from the Chairman and President

Since its founding in 1956, TECO has embraced the management concept of “managing company with integrity, stressing corporate governance, fulfilling social responsibility, and pursuing sustainable development,” in the hope of gaining nourishment and growth momentum from the society and growing alongside the development of the economy. Meanwhile, the company strives to instill the five corporate values of “Ambition, Customer focus, Teamwork, Integrity, and Innovation” (ACTION) into the minds of employees, rallying them for the common quest for fulfilling the corporate vision.
TECO has gone a long way in development since its inception 58 years ago, going public in 1973, setting TECO Technology Foundation in 1993, joining the Business Council for Sustainable Development in 1995, becoming founding member of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Forum in 2008, and obtaining National Quality Award in 1996. In recent years, the company has stepped effort in corporate governance and social participation, passing the certification for corporate governance in 2010 and starting to publish annual CSR (corporate social responsibility) report in 2011. The endeavor won the company the “corporate citizen award,” at eighth and 11th place, respectively, granted by “Commonwealth” magazine in 2012 and 2013. To further become an enterprise accountable to customers, employees, shareholders, and the society, TECO set up CSR committee in early 2014, headed by the president and participated by assistant presidents of various business departments. The committee holds two plenary meetings and several working meetings annually, addressing environmental, social and governance issues facing various business departments, in order to materialize the TECO's CSR policy and meet the expectation of various stakeholders. 
TECO's development has evolved around constant progress in product R&D and technology. In view of the effect of climate change on humanity and the ecological  environment, the company has embraced “TECO GO ECO, energy-saving TECO, and green technology” as the core for its development, dedicating to the development of green products, since 2008. Furnished with topnotch strength integrating machinery and electrical technologies, the company has pioneered the development of high energy-efficiency IE4 motor, with motor regulations exceeding the level set by various nations for 2016, in addition to becoming the first electric-vehicle motor maker and the first wind-turbine maker with own technology in Taiwan, notably large-scale wind turbines, which has made Taiwan the eighth nation worldwide capable of turning out such wind turbines. The company has also rolled out system automation products and home appliances. It won the golden prize of “Taiwan Excellence Award” with its 2-megawatt wind turbine in 2012 and secured the award again the following year with nine products, including motor, driver, air condition and refrigerator. Fifty-eight TECO products have been granted energy-saving mark, testament to its remarkable conversion from conventional to green industry. In the future, TECO will continue developing forward-looking energy-saving products, inducing the development of green-energy supply chain in Taiwan.
Alongside its development of energy-saving products, the company has also dedicated to the setup of green supply chain, specifying banned/restrictive products, to assure compliance of products with international regulation. The company incorporates compact products and energy-saving equipment in its manufacturing process and takes recyclability into account in selecting materials, boosting the recyclability rate of its products to over 90%. Meanwhile, to push energy conservation and carbon abatement systematically, the company conducted the verification of greenhouse-gas emission in 2012 and 2013 consecutively, helping the company have better grasp of energy consumption, as the basis for pushing energy conservation and carbon abatement at all fronts, in order to achieve sustainable development. Sustainability issue will have an even larger weight for the company in evaluating and selecting suppliers in 2014.
As human resources are the basis for an enterprise's sustainable development, “human orientation” has been a core concept of TECO since its inception. In Taiwan, TECO employs mainly natives, while offering job opportunities to the underprivileged and aborigines, with foreign laborers accounting for less than 1% of the workforce. 
To retain talent, the company formulates individual development plan (IDP) for every employee, in addition to integrating employee’s personal goals and the needs of the organization in mapping out individual career development plan. Multiple fringe benefits are offered to retain employees and win their identification. The company won the “national manpower innovation award” in 2010 and the “Best Companies to Work for” award of Taipei city in 2013. In 2014, the company rolled out, for the first time in the nation, “trading platform for annual leave,” helping employees with health or home care need to solve their problems while retaining job. In the future, the company will launch more innovative personnel measures, such as paid overseas vacation and talent development, allowing employees more maneuvering space for realizing personals goals under the company's existing system.
Meanwhile, TECO has extended its care for employees to concern for the society, by pushing the concept of technology and humanity jointly developed via sponsoring  the activities of the “TECO Technology Foundation,” such as the “TECO Award” , meant to encourage integration of humanism and technology, the “TECO Green Tech Contest” aiming to induce research on energy conservation and carbon abatement among Asian college students, and “Exclamation Plan”, promoting aboriginal cultural heritage, events which have attracted enthusiastic participation from elites in Taiwan and abroad. In the following, TECO will step up such efforts, such as organizing volunteer teams among employees and providing public-service leave, in the hope of transmitting and spreading the force of goodness in the society.
Over the past 58 years, TECO has quietly but steadfastly toiled in the fields of operation, environment, and social affairs, accumulating solid strength and attaining striking achievements. On the solid base, TECO will muster the group's strength in fulfilling social responsibility at all fronts, in the hope of contributing to the better of the entire industry and society while pursuing further corporate growth.


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