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On TECO's Sustainability Report
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TECO has been publishing annual corporate sustainability report (CSR) report since 2010,disclosing information on its sustainability strategy and execution result in the three aspects of environment (E), society (S), and governance (G), so that interest parties can understand the company's effort and improvement in ESG. Since 2013, the report was renamed “Sustainability Report,” in reflection of the company's dedication to the quest for ESG.
Scope and borderline of the report
The report covers responses to issues of concerns, as well as concrete measures and performance, to major interest parties, with scope limited to head office and factories in Taiwan, excluding overseas operations, affiliates, and subsidiaries, incorporating, however, performance of TECO Technology Foundation in the social aspect.
The report exhibits the company's various activities and performance figures in environmental protection, corporate governance, and social participation during Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2013. Financial figures are denominated in NT dollar and performances in environmental protection, health, and safety are expressed in indices of universal application worldwide.
Contents and structure of the report are based on G3.1 of GRI (G3.1 Guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative), with GRI G3.1 comparison table being listed in appendices for reference. Under the commission of the company, PwC verified the report with limited assurance, on the basis of ISAE 3000, with the verification statement being included in appendices.
The report was compiled by TECO CSR committee, available in both Chinese and English, and is posted on corporate website. 
Frequency of publication: once a year
Last publication time: Dec. 2013
Contact: csr@teco.com.tw
Corporate website: http://www.teco.com.tw


CSR commitment
On TECO's Sustainability Report
Teco Sustainability Commitment
Stakeholder issue and interests
Performance for Key Issuesof Concern to Stakeholders
Greenness & Energy Conservation
Development of green products
Green energy-conservation solutions
Development of new green energy businesses
Green supply chain
Sustainable Development
Operation performance
Sustainability concept and corporate core value
Corporate governance
Risk Management
Legal compliance
Earth Friendliness
Impact of the electric machinery industry on the environment
Environment-related achievements and performance
Green product life cycle
Customer Satisfaction
Products and norms
Premium quality management
Customer services
Customer satisfaction
Human Resource
Human-resources policy
Human-resources management
Communications channel
Career development
Compensations and benefits
Work-Life balance
Occupational health and safety
Social Contribution
Innovation Teco, technology and humanism jointly developed
Scientific education
Creativity education
Sustainable education for aboriginal tribes
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